WWE Return To Puerto Rico Looking Unlikely

Bad Bunny LWO WWE Backlash

Backlash was a roaring success as WWE produced the first premium live event from the island of Puerto Rico in eighteen years.

The raucous crowd was a delight for those watching from home and they exploded when Bad Bunny made his way to the ring for his bout against Damian Priest. Island boys Carlito and Savio Vega were also greeted with huge ovations as they stopped the menacing Judgment Day from costing Bunny his bout against Damian Priest.

On top of that, WWE has touted the financial success of the event, noting that several company records were broken by Backlash but despite that, it doesn’t look likely that Puerto Rico is going to be in for a quick WWE return.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that Puerto Rico is unlikely to become a regular destination for WWE as the company would want to be paid to be there after getting $1.5 million this time around for Backlash:

“The thing is, they’re only going to come if they get paid to come. So, that’s up to how much the tourism board wants to pay. And usually, when it comes to this type of thing. Everything is different. Generally speaking, if they want to bring you in, if the tourism board brings you in, they’re not going to bring you in every year. They’re going to use their money to bring in another act…they’re going to use their money on another act next year, it won’t always be WWE.

“For them to do a pay-per-view generally, and London is the exception, because when they go to London they’re not getting paid by a tourism board, they just feel like it’s time to do it. But for them to come and do this, they’re going to have to be paid. They will go down there and do a house show, but for them to do a pay-per-view, they’re going to want a million and a half dollars or whatever. That was what the rate was here. They got paid a million and half dollars by the tourism board to come in.”

WWE is bringing Money In The Bank to London, England for the first time ever in July as the company looks to build on its success in the UK following on from Clash at the Castle in Cardiff, Wales in 2022.