WWE Raw Star Got To Watch Filming Of WrestleMania Boneyard Match


When the filming for the WrestleMania 36 Boneyard match was taking place back in 2020, Triple H allowed three other World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Superstars to attend and watch.

The Undertaker would end up getting the victory in that match against AJ Styles, which was the last outing of “The Deadman.” Earlier this year, real-name Mark Calaway was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Recently, current WWE Superstar Johnny Gargano put a spotlight on a backstage factoid from the Boneyard match. According to Gargano, he asked Paul “Triple H” Levesque if he could watch the taping of the match, with the latter giving him permission.

“Given the historical significance of it potentially being Undertakers last Mania match at the time.. Me, Candice and Tommaso asked Hunter if we could go watch the filming and he let us come by and check it out! Definitely a cool moment to look back on.”

It’s well known through the world of professional wrestling that Triple H highly respects Johnny Gargano, and it shows on-screen with the WWE Superstar thriving under the leadership of “The Game” on both the main roster and in NXT. Gargano recently spoke about his comeback to World Wrestling Entertainment.

“I was fine not doing anything. Totally fulfilled not doing anything. Luckily, I have people around me to have conversations, so I didn’t have to think about business or wrestling, they can talk about that stuff, and all I can worry about is dad life.
I watch everything, I’m a fan of wrestling, and for me, I want to go to the place that not only could utilize me best, but a place where I already have a relationship with Hunter and a lot of people backstage. That was a big thing for me, I’m all about relationships and familiarity. As soon as the change happened, there was only one option in my head.”