WWE Raw Star Expected To Get Bigger Spotlight After WrestleMania

WWE Raw Stage

A current WWE Raw star is likely going to have a bigger role after WrestleMania takes place, according to a new report.

With WrestleMania 39 now set to begin in less than one week, fans are eagerly anticipating the 13 matches that are currently advertised for the show.

There are also people wondering about what’s going to happen after WrestleMania 39 because there are often times NXT wrestlers that get “called up” to the main roster while returning stars come back from long layoffs because they were injured (like Randy Orton, for example) or perhaps for a suspension reason (like Matt Riddle).

The post-WrestleMania season is often considered a “reset” of sorts. There are also rumors that WWE could choose to do a “draft” to mix up the Raw & Smackdown rosters in the months after WrestleMania although that hasn’t been confirmed.

One man that isn’t part of the WrestleMania 39 card at the moment is Mustafa Ali. Over the last few months, Ali has been complaining about a lack of opportunities while having issues with Dolph Ziggler, who has accomplished a lot in WWE and has been a regular on the WWE roster for over 15 years.

Recently, Ali’s character has been over the top in terms of preaching positivity.

According to the WRKD Wrestling Twitter account which has gotten several things correct in recent weeks, WWE has plans for Mustafa Ali.

“Ali vs. Seth Rollins is currently scheduled for Monday’s Raw.”

“Ali is planned to gain some steam over the next few weeks and get a bigger spotlight following #WrestleMania.”

What that “bigger spotlight” means exactly remains to be seen, but there are apparently plans for Ali to get the attention that he thinks he deserves.