WWE Raw Match Pulled Before Travel Issues

WWE Raw Stage

Travel issues caused mayhem with WWE Monday Night Raw in Seattle but a new report has revealed one match was scrapped despite being advertised and it had nothing to do with flight delays.

Monday Night Raw suffered several rewrites in Seattle but not for the reason many fans expected. On the Raw after WrestleMania, Vince McMahon was “firmly back in charge” of creative making several big changes to the show while it was on air but on the 10th of April, it was delayed flight from Orlando – where many WWE stars are based – that caused issues.

However, one match was pulled from the show for unknown reasons before any flight problems surfaced. Matt Riddle returned to Raw the prior week and attacked The Miz leading to a match being advertised for Seattle’s show but this did not take place.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio noted that the advertised match between Riddle and Miz had been pulled from the show at least one day before it was due to take place:

“That match was pulled with not having to do with travel at all. That was already cancelled before the travel problems […] That was scrapped yesterday [Sunday] for whatever reason, I don’t really know.

“The Miz/Riddle match had Miz been there would still probably have been cancelled because Riddle didn’t get there until late but Miz wasn’t there and that match had already been cancelled. I don’t know why it was cancelled. It was cancelled because when they did the show they – I’d heard this morning it was cancelled before I heard anything about anyone’s flight problems. I didn’t hear why, I just heard it was cancelled.”

Raw did see a huge heel turn on the show as well as new champions crowned as Trish Stratus finally revealed her true colours to Becky Lynch.

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