WWE Raw To Feature Major Championship Steel Cage Match

WWE Raw Logo Arena

There will be a big championship match on WWE Monday Night Raw and it will take place inside of a steel cage.

At the WWE King And Queen of the Ring PLE in Jeddah, there was one title change at the show that saw Liv Morgan beat Becky Lynch to become the Women’s World Champion.

Morgan’s victory over Lynch was a very controversial one due to the involvement of Dominik Mysterio. When Dominik showed up at ringside, it was believed that he was there to prevent Morgan from winning the Women’s World Title that was previously held by “Mami” Rhea Ripley. The reason for that is because Morgan injured Ripley by throwing her into a wall and Ripley hurt her shoulder, which led to Ripley forfeiting the championship. Since Dominik was an ally of Ripley in the Judgment Day group, he was there to try to stop Morgan from winning.

As it turned out, Dominik helped Morgan rather than cost her the match. Dominik tossed a steel chair into the ring towards Lynch and then he distracted the referee while he was on the apron. Lynch, who is a noble babyface, refused to use the chair because likes to do things fairly, but Morgan didn’t mind using the chair as she hit a DDT right onto the chair. The referee never saw it due to Dominik distracting on the apron. Morgan hit her Oblivion finisher right after that for the pinfall win to become the new Women’s World Champion.

After the match, Lynch was furious while Dominik was frustrated and Morgan was ecstatic due to her big victory.

There was also a backstage scene where Lynch was yelling at Dominik about what he did. Lynch told WWE’s Byron Saxton that she had a rematch clause in her contract, so she was going to get a rematch this Monday on Raw.

WWE Raw GM Adam Pearce Announces Steel Cage Match

It has been announced by the WWE Raw General Manager Adam Peace that Morgan will face Lynch on the May 27th Raw in Savannah, GA. Not only will Morgan’s title be on the line, but it will also be a Steel Cage Match to hopefully prevent any interference in the match.

It was also reported recently that WWE withdrew their attempt to trademark “Big Time Becks” for Becky Lynch, who also happens to be a free agent in the coming days unless WWE signs her to a new deal.