WWE Raw Given New Title For CM Punk’s Return

CM Punk

WWE seemingly had a sense of humour about CM Punk’s return to Raw.

After making his shocking return to WWE at Survivor Series, CM Punk stood in the ring on Monday Night Raw for the first time in almost a decade two nights later.

While many fans were expecting fireworks from Punk once he was armed with a live microphone, things played out in a more low-key fashion. The former AEW star said he was happy to come home, referring to a conversation with Paul Heyman who said he would need to leave the company before returning later.

It’s been revealed by Fightul Select that there wasn’t a producer listed internally for Punk’s appearance although the show was given the title “Hell Frozen Over.”

CM Punk’s Contract Reportedly Contains Special Clause

It’s also been reported by Fightful that some in WWE were told by higher-ups that CM Punk has a “good behaviour clause” associated with his contract, although they haven’t confirmed this themselves.

The report reiterates that Punk wasn’t taking a victory lap during his promo and remains determined to move past his previous issues.

It’s also been reported that CM Punk has been given free-agent status, and can appear on both SmackDown and Raw.