WWE Raw Act Breaks Up

WWE Raw Set

It looks like a WWE Raw act is no more after an apparent break-up on the show with one star commenting that “you can’t polish a turd.”

On the 6th of February edition of Monday Night Raw, Baron Corbin went one-on-one with Dexter Lumis with Lumis picking up a win adding to Corbin’s losing streak. Corbin joined forces with JBL in October 2022 and began a short-winning streak but he picked up his last victory on the 14th of November edition of Raw where he defeated Akira Tozawa.

After the bout in a video shared by WWE on social media, JBL had some very harsh words for Corbin signalling the end of their partnership:

“There ain’t no we. I headlined WrestleMania, I sold out arenas all over the world, I was must-watch television. You are channel-changing television. That sound you hear when you get in the ring, that’s remote controls around the world changing the channel to watch anything but you and I don’t give a damn about you.”

“I give a damn about the fact that my Hall of Fame legacy, my championship-laden career has lost all credibility because of you. Modern day wrestling god? I’ll tell you what you need, not some cute little shirt, it’s a red nose and floppy shoes because you are a clown. You do not belong near me. You can’t polish a turd, I tried.”

Also on Raw, it was an emotional night for Paul Heyman as Cody Rhodes left him in tears and there was a huge return on the show with a WWE Hall of Famer coming to the aid of Becky Lynch.

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