Lita Makes Huge Return To WWE Raw

Lita walks to the ring

WWE Hall of Famer Lita has made a shocking return to Monday Night Raw where she was on hand to help Becky Lynch in her struggles with Damage CTRL.

On the 6th of February edition of Monday Night Raw, the main event saw Bayley take on Becky Lynch in a Steel Cage match that was supposed to happen on the 30th anniversary edition of Raw. Instead, Damage CTRL locked Lynch inside the cage and delivered a devastating beatdown meaning the match couldn’t take place, although the real reason the match was scrapped then soon came to light.

Bayley had got increasingly personal with her fellow Four Horsewoman since then, talking about her husband Seth Rollins, so when the cage door was locked on Raw, Becky Lynch was ready to fight. Eventually, Lynch was able to trap the Disarm-her on Bayley on top of the cage but the cavalry was soon on hand as IYO SKY and Dakota Kai sought to help their Damage CTRL partner.

SKY knocked Lynch back into the cage while Kai slid a crutch in to give Bayley a weapon to use. The crowd in Orlando, Florida came unglued however when Lita’s music hit and the four-time WWE Women’s Champion made her way to the ring to help Becky Lynch.

Lita dropped SKY with a Twist of Fate and in the ring, Lynch hit Bayley with the Man-Handle Slam to pick up the victory.

What Lita’s involvement in Lynch’s feud with Damage CTRL means remains to be seen but with the situation currently 3 on 2 in favour of Bayley’s group, Lita and Lynch will no doubt hope to get some satisfaction in finding a third person to join their cause.