WWE Ranks Its Ten Scariest Moments

The Boogeyman

WWE took the opportunity over Halloween to rank ten of the scariest moments in the company’s history.

There have certainly been plenty of characters which fit well in the spooky season, and the list unsurprisingly features many of the names you would expect to see.

Classic moments from the likes of The Boogeyman, Kane and Papa Shango all make the cut, whilst the top two in the list could be considered all-time classic moments.

The Fiend is pipped to top spot in this list, and of all the moments WWE could have chosen to include from Bray Wyatt’s stint under the mask they decided to go with him being dumped in a swamp by Braun Strowman before re-emerging.

However, the number one position was given to The Undertaker. Again there could have been plenty of options from his career, but WWE decided that him trapping Teddy Long in the back of a limousine was worthy of being given the “scariest moment” moniker.

Bray Wyatt was featured the most during the video, and given his recent return to WWE it is likely that he will be creating more moments for future lists over the months and years to come. On the most recent edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Wyatt showed multiple personalities which seemingly showcases his ‘Wyatt 6’ moniker.