WWE Pushing For Legalised Betting In US States

WWE Raw 30 gambling

For years, many have felt WWE and Vince McMahon were the ones lifting the veil on the wrestling business and shedding light on its pre-determined nature more than ever, but despite that the company wants two US states to legalise betting on its matches.

CNBC has reported that WWE has been in talks with state betting regulators in both Colorado and Michigan about allowing betting on “high-profile” matches. It is noted that the company is working with an accounting firm Ernst & Young to try and convince regulators that scripted match outcomes won’t leak ahead of time. Ernst & Young have worked in combination with the Academy Awards in the past to keep outcomes of the Oscars secret until they are revealed on stage.

Betting on the Oscars is legal in some states and through some providers such as DraftKings and WWE are using that information to try and push for betting on its events to be given the ok.

It was noted that the Colorado Division of Gaming had told CNBC that it “is not currently considering and has not considered” any type of sports betting on WWE matches.

In an interesting note to wrestling fans, WWE executives have supposedly noted that they would “lockdown” match results months in advance and that even the wrestlers involved would not know the outcome until just before a bout takes place.

Betting on WWE results is legal in Europe but bookmakers typically only open the book on big events such as WrestleMania or the Royal Rumble, placing some restrictions on bets that don’t apply to other sports.