WWE Pulls Plug On Jey Uso’s “Yeet”

Jey Uso wearing 'Yeet' t-shirt

Jimmy Uso will be delighted and Roman Reigns even more so as it looks like it will be a case of “No yeet” for Jey Uso in WWE.

Whether it’s what, yes, or a particularly unflattering term chanted at Stephanie McMahon in the Attitude Era, one-word catchphrases have long been a favourite of WWE fans.

Jey Uso looked like he was the next star to take advantage of the phenomenon as “Yeet” began to take hold across the company. But now it looks like the popular catchphrase has met its demise.

On Raw, Jey Uso challenged Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship but his “Yeet” shirt was nowhere to be seen, instead replaced by his “Main Event” shirt and he avoided saying the word. In the end, Rollins retained his title but worse was to come for Jey Uso as he was slammed through a table by Drew McIntyre.

No More Yeet For Jey Uso In WWE

WrestleVotes has reported that fans shouldn’t expect “Yeet” to continue being a thing on WWE television as the company has run into copyright issues:

As evident on RAW just now, I’m told WWE has found trademark issues with Jey Uso’s “Yeet.” The word & merchandising will no longer be associated with Uso going forward.

Yeet became a catchphrase for Uso after his infamous press conference appearance with Cody Rhodes after Fastlane. Rhodes and Uso appeared to have enjoyed some adult beverages before their appearance and took turns shouting “Yeet” for no apparent reason.

Currently, there is a live trademark application related to the word “Yeet” relating to the wrestling world that was filed back in July 2021 to the USPTO.