WWE Prospect’s Wrestling Career Put On Hold

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One of the most-anticipated prospects from WWE’s NIL program has put her wrestling career on hold for the time being.

Haley Cavinder signed with WWE alongside her sister, Hanna, back in late 2021. As well as being college basketball stars, the pair are famous in the world of social media and bring a lot of eyes to the company.

The Cavinder Twins made their NXT debut on June 6th, joining Chase U to celebrate Thea Hail winning a Battle Royal to become the Number 1 Contender for the developmental brand’s Women’s Title.

While many thought this would mean the sisters were on track to get in the ring, it was reported at the time they hadn’t yet signed a talent contract and still had a lot of training to go through.

Now, it appears that there will be an even longer delay before fans get to see them make their wrestling debuts.

Haley Cavinder Is Set To Return To Basketball

For her fifth and final year of NCAA eligibility, Haley Cavinder has opted to return to the basketball court, although she has swapped Miami for TCU. Cavinder made the announcement on Instagram, writing “The last rodeo #committed” under a picture of her sitting on a throne wearing a TCU uniform.

This time, Haley will be playing without her twin on the court with her. Speaking to Forbes, she admitted that her original decision to leave the sport came because Hanna had decided to tie up her shoes. However, Haley later realised she would regret not competing in her final year.

“I think ending it with Hanna and announcing that we were done and not going to take our fifth year, I felt—honestly, to be very transparent—a lot of pressure,”

“There was nothing filling the love for the game, and I just truly was like, I know I’m going to regret it down the road if I don’t go back.”

Although Hanna won’t be following her sister back to basketball, she says the two will continue to build their brand together.

“I think honestly it provides a different unique storyline. You can have somebody in the NIL space, and an athlete that’s not in the NIL space, but we obviously are always going to work together. It’s always going to be a brand of us together just because that’s how we started off and, honestly, that’s just what worked for us. Our niche is ‘the twins.’”