WWE President Nick Khan Addresses Potential CM Punk Return

CM Punk Nick Khan

WWE President Nick Khan addressed the topic of CM Punk following his release from AEW.

Ahead of the September 2nd episode of Collision, it was announced that AEW had decided to terminate CM Punk’s contract with cause after he was involved in a backstage altercation with Jack Perry at All In the previous week. Tony Khan took responsibility for the decision, saying it was made after unanimous advice from a disciplinary council as well as legal representation.

Naturally, speculation about a potential WWE return began making the rounds on social media. In early September, it was reported that Punk had actually considered a WWE return while he was on the outs with AEW in late 2022 and early 2023 following the events of All Out. Specifically, Punk wanted to return to the 2023 Royal Rumble, but there is no word on if WWE considered taking him back or whether he would have been granted a release from AEW at the time.

While it’s unclear if Punk is entertaining a return to the sports entertainment giant, should he wish to return, the decision is said to be down to WWE President Nick Khan and Chief Content Officer Triple H. Despite Punk’s 2014 exit from WWE being a contentious one, he did speak with Triple H earlier this year when he visited WWE Raw in Chicago.

“We Only Have Respect For Phil” – Nick Khan On CM Punk

ESPN’s Marc Raimondi recently reached out to Nick Khan to ask about WWE’s interest in a potential CM Punk return. While he didn’t reveal whether or not the company would entertain the notion of his return, Khan did express great respect for Punk’s accomplishments in both WWE and UFC, writing:

“Listen, we only have respect for Phil. We appreciate his run here. We appreciate what he did and tried to do with the UFC. Not many people can actually get in there and do what he did. So, when we have respect for Phil, we wish him nothing but the best.”

Having previously served as WWE CEO prior to the company’s merger with UFC under parent company Endeavor, Khan currently serves as WWE President now that the Endeavor takeover is complete.