WWE Posts And Then Hides New CM Punk Tease

CM Punk smiling WWE

The speculation around CM Punk’s future is going nowhere.

WWE recently uploaded a new video to its YouTube channel of a match from yesteryear. Nothing too out of the ordinary there. However, it seems that on this occasion, the company thought it would have a little fun with fans.

The match in question was between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett on Raw in November 2010. Interestingly, Randy Orton is expected to make his WWE return any day now after more than a year out of action due to injury. But fans were quick to notice another tease linked to the video.

Outside of the action in the ring, the match sees CM Punk sitting in on commentary.

Just two and a half hours after being posted, the video was set to private.

CM Punk Trolls Fans

Speculation around CM Punk has been flying since the star was fired by AEW in September after one backstage altercation too many. This sparked rumours that Punk could be on his way back to WWE, and the man himself has been enjoying being the centre of attention.

CM Punk has posted numerous teases on social media seemingly having fun with the fan theories doing the rounds. While some have claimed Punk will appear at Survivor Series, others think he will be unmasked as ‘the devil’ in AEW.