CM Punk Trolls WWE & AEW Fans With Devil Tease


CM Punk continues to tease wrestling fans of both AEW and WWE to ensure that ahead of two major shows for both companies, fans are talking about him.

On his Instagram Stories, CM Punk shared a video of a WWE promo where he appeared as the devil ahead of Hell In A Cell in 2012 where he defeated Ryback to retain the WWE Championship.

Is CM Punk Teasing WWE Or AEW Return?

WWE fans could take the message of the Hell In A Cell promo to mean that Punk is hinting at a return in a huge cage match. WarGames takes place in Punk’s hometown of Chicago at Survivor Series and rumours are swirling that one more partner will be added to each men’s team.

However, Punk appearing as the devil has put AEW fans in mind of The Devil in the company currently making MJF life a misery, and are wondering if Punk could shock the world and return to the company he was fired from only a few short months ago.

In reality, WWE is planning a huge return for WarGames but it won’t be CM Punk while a return to AEW following two very public backstage fights would be a huge turnaround for Tony Khan’s company.