Update On Why WWE Postponed Big International Live Event

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An update has been provided as to why WWE decided to cancel an event that was going to take place in India in January.

There was going to be a WWE live event taking place in India on January 18th featuring some of WWE’s biggest stars from India like the Indus Sher tag team (Veer & Sanga) in NXT along with former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. However, the company has postponed the event.

It was reported by WrestleVotes on Twitter that WWE had canceled the January 18th event in India:

In an update, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter wrote that WWE’s TV partner in India, Sony Six, is going through a merger and wanted WWE to hold off on the show until the merger is complete.

“The 1/18 show that was scheduled for Hyderabad, India where Sony Six (WWE’s television partner) was bringing in WWE for a big live event to be build around the Indian talent and some of the other major stars, is now off. The decision was made by Sony Six, which is merging with Zee in India, to hold off the show until the merger is finalized. The merger is expected to go through in April, so the show would take place after April.”

“The angle on NXT where Julius Creed was injured, a cover for Veer actually being injured, was because they didn’t want to risk Veer, a big part of the India show, with is hand injury prior to this big money show. But now that show is off so Veer & Sanga vs. The Creeds, which was going to be stalled until after the show when first scheduled for the 12/10 show, can take place any time now.”

We will further updates on this story whenever WWE decided to announce a new date for their next show in India, possibly after April as mentioned by Meltzer.