Road Dogg Discusses Plans To Make Jinder Mahal WWE Champion

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Road Dogg has defended the decision to make Jinder Mahal WWE Champion.

Mahal underwent a massive transformation in 2017. Within a very short time span, he went from being a jobber in backstage segments on RAW to being drafted to SmackDown to #1 Contender, to WWE Champion. His time as SmackDown’s top star was met with mixed reactions at best and anywhere from laughter to apathy at worst.

His WWE Championship reign ended just before Survivor Series 2017 when AJ Styles beat him for the title. Mahal has not been in the world title picture since.

But despite that gimmick’s failure, Jinder Mahal does have some supporters. One of them was Road Dogg Brian James. He was one of the main creative forces on SmackDown at the time and stood by the decisions made surrounding Jinder Mahal on his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast. Even if he didn’t fully support the decisions made, he defended them because those were his orders:

“And so that’s the decision you’re given, so you run with it 100%. And if you don’t get behind it 100%, it’s going to show in the product and it’s going to show to everybody around you that’s working with you. So I was in, let’s do it..

Jinder Mahal was the champion. And he was a good champion. He looked great, he was a tall, good looking Indian man. Like, representing a culture with a huge audience. Oh my god, I’m sorry we made a decision based on business. We were trying to keep our business open. But, you know, I want people to realise time marches on man.

Some wrestling fans just got hot about that. And I know some of them personally, who were producers literally working with me, sitting next to me. And so what are you gonna do? You’re gonna do that? I ain’t helping you, you’re just mad and fuss and you ain’t helping nobody. Get on board man. Let’s make this as good as it can be.”

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