WWE Offers Refunds After LA Knight Missed Show

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In another sign that WWE recognises the rise of LA Knight, the company offered refunds after he was forced to miss a show.

LA Knight’s non-stop ride to the top of WWE had a dent put in it on Friday when he was forced to miss SmackDown due to testing positive for COVID-19 earlier in the day according to PWInsider.

Knight was originally meant to be part of the last segment of the show leading to creative plans being changed late in the day. Knight left the arena as soon as he tested positive and PWInsider has also noted that the star gave WWE permission to pass on his status.

To close SmackDown John Cena was on the receiving end of a vicious beatdown from The Bloodline. Original plans would have seen Knight make the save for Cena, putting him in the main event slot and by the side of the sixteen-time champion of the world. While that would have been the end of things on air, plans were in place for Knight and Cena to then team against The Bloodline in the post-show dark match.

WWE offered refunds due to LA Knight’s absence

As every wrestling fan knows, the card is always subject to change so refunds are not something readily offered should a talent no longer be able to appear. However, the Wrestling Observer noted that this is what happened in this instance with WWE taking the unusual step of announcing his absence before the show.

LA Knight has been receiving unprecedented support in recent months leading to WWE taking action and beginning a “megapush” for the star – which is a long way from the dark days of Vince McMahon being on the verge of firing him.