WWE NXT Star Takes Bizarre Under The Ring Twist

Joe Gacy Bron Breakker NXT

It is safe to say Joe Gacy has somewhat unravelled since The Schism fell apart but now the star is back on NXT TV as his character takes a strange new twist.

Joe Gacy had been the leader of The Schism in NXT but that group fell apart when Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid left WWE when their contracts expired.

That left just Gacy and Ava remaining but as they went their separate ways, Gacy has taken a twist to the even more bizarre in recent video promos that have aired on the show. Now, Joe Gacy has taken things one step further as he returns to the NXT arena.

Joe Gacy Cuts Promo Under The NXT Ring

A promo aired of Joe Gacy clearly underneath the ring while a match was apparently going on above him on the 28th of November edition of NXT. Noting that he felt like people were treating him as if he were beneath them, he tried being physically beneath them to see how that felt.

Karmen Petrovic and Arianna Grace then had a match which is when Gacy emerged from under the ring and stole the timekeeper’s bell from ringside and did not return with it until the bout was over. Gacy began ringing the bell after Grace had been announced as the winner.

This was the first time Joe Gacy has appeared in front of a live TV crowd in several months. His last match came on the 26th of September when he lost to Trick Williams.