WWE NXT Move Blindsides NWA Talent

Triple H Shawn Michaels WWE NXT

The wrestling world is forever changing and a recent move by WWE for NXT seems to have caused some concern in the NWA.

It was recently reported that Billy Corgan’s NWA was in the midst of doing a deal with The CW to bring his promotion to the network. Two shows were mooted with NWA Powerrr airing alongside a reality show that went behind the scenes in the company.

However, one NWA pay-per-view segment has left that deal in shreds with reports suggesting there was a 90% chance that the promotion’s programming would be relegated to The CW app. But things have since got worse for Billy Corgan and his company.

WWE Announces NXT Move To The CW

The TKO Group and WWE have confirmed that NXT is moving to The CW in 2024. This will bring its five-year run on the USA Network to an end but WWE will still have programming on the channel as SmackDown is heading there following its run on FOX.

Fightful Select has reported that in the wake of WWE’s deal with The CW, sources within the sports entertainment giant do not believe the network will be doing a deal with the NWA at all. The report notes that talent within the NWA were surprised by WWE’s announcement with one saying they had been blindsided by the news.

What will happen in the NWA’s immediate future regarding a TV deal of any kind remains unknown.