WWE Reportedly Planning New Look For Tag Team Titles

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There could be a change coming for the look of the WWE Tag Team Titles, according to a new report.

When The Usos beat Randy Orton & Matt Riddle in May 2022 to win the Raw Tag Tag Team Titles, those titles were added to the Smackdown Tag Team Titles that The Usos already held.

Since then, other teams have carried around those red and blue Tag Team Titles while getting to appear on both Raw & Smackdown.

This past Monday on the October 16th edition of Raw, The Judgment Day’s Damian Priest & Finn Balor regained the titles when they defeated Cody Rhodes & Jey Uso. it was a controversial finish because Jimmy Uso came out of nowhere to superkick Jey Uso, which led to Balor finishing Jey with a Coup de Grace for the title win.

WWE is planning for a new look for the Tag Team Titles

The Raw & Smackdown version of WWE Tag Team Titles started in 2016 when the brand split re-started. According to Cultaholic, “new tag team title belt designs were photo and video tested during rehearsals ahead of the October 16 episode of Monday Night Raw in Oklahoma City.”

They went on to reveal there was a table in the ring with a cloth on it and a production assistant removed the clock to reveal the titles. That would suggest WWE would be close to revealing the new titles since they are practicing what the reveal would be like.

As the report continued, they noted that two possible sets of new tag team titles were tested. One of the sets of titles was gold with black straps. They also “screen-tested a gold and silver design with one red and one blue strap.”

What isn’t known is if WWE plans to use combine the two sets of titles into just one Undisputed WWE Tag Team Title for each man on the team. It’s also not known when the new titles would debut. However, Cultaholic cited a source indicating that “they were in the early stages of final approval.”

Keep watching WWE TV to find out when these new titles may debut.