WWE Making Major HQ Change Imminently

WWE Headquarters

Vince McMahon returning to WWE as the Executive Chairman of the company might have been the biggest change at the top of the company as 2023 got underway but now more change is coming to WWE’s headquarters.

Vince McMahon stunned the wrestling world when he returned to WWE at the beginning of 2023, strong-arming his way back onto the company’s Board. Following that move, he was then voted in as Executive Chairman of the company after his daughter Stephanie McMahon resigned from her roles as Chairwoman and co-CEO.

In 2019 the company announced its intention to move from its long-established headquarters known as Titan Towers to a new facility at 677 Washington Boulevard in Stamford Connecticut. The intention was for the company to be in place in the new facility by 2021 but issues surrounding the pandemic delayed the move.

Now PWInsider has reported that WWE is set to begin moving into their new facility in March. The report notes that the company’s plan is to have the first divisions moved in by the end of the month but there will be a slower transition with WWE looking to minimise disruption for employees and the workflow of the company. The belief is that the full transition will be completed by the end of 2023 or in early 2024 but there is no strict timetable in play.