Insight Into Why Stephanie McMahon Decided To Leave WWE

Stephanie McMahon

The return of Vince McMahon led to his daughter Stephanie McMahon leaving WWE and now there’s a bit more insight into why she chose to walk away.

When Stephanie McMahon resigned from WWE on January 10th, she did so after holding the job titles of Chairwoman and Co-CEO of WWE. She was put into those rules in the summer of 2022 after her father Vince McMahon “retired” from WWE after numerous “hush money” payments due to multiple affairs that Vince had.

The news of Stephanie McMahon walking away from WWE came shortly after Vince McMahon decided to come back to WWE as the Executive Chairman of the company with the intent to sell.

What’s interesting about Stephanie leaving WWE is that she took a leave of absence previously in 2022, but then she returned when Vince was gone.

In the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer provided some insight into why she left the company when she did with Meltzer noting this comes from people that are unhappy that she left.

“The story internally as to why Stephanie McMahon really left is that, and this comes from those unhappy that she left, is that she had done a great job thrown into the co-CEO role, and with Vince back, was about to be demoted and basically she doesn’t need the money or the job and had already decided last year to take a leave anyway. Of course, the difference between a leave and staying on the Board, and a full break and leaving the Board, indicates this was a lot stronger move.”

Stephanie McMahon is a mother of three daughters with her husband Paul “Triple H” Levesque, who remains in WWE as the Chief Content Officer that continues to run the creative team on the main roster.