WWE Legend Says Tony Khan’s AEW Is A “Recipe For Disaster”

Tony Khan AEW

A WWE Hall of Famer believes Tony Khan is setting AEW up for disaster.

On the April 24th edition of Dynamite, Tony Khan was the victim of a shock attack by The Elite that ended with him being left unconscious by The Young Bucks’ when they delivered a Tony Khan Driver.

In the time since then, Khan has continued to sell the ‘injuries’ he sustained, even going as far as wearing a neckbrace onscreen during the NFL Draft.

During the latest edition of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T gave his thoughts on the segment, saying it looked like The Bucks delivered their move in “slow motion,” and questioning if it was worth doing.

“Well, we’ve seen those guys do that move before, and seem like they did in slow motion. Seemed like Tony Khan’s head was about a foot off the ground when he actually did. He actually paused before he actually put him down. And which, I understand taking care of the boss. I get that. But if you have to do it like that, why do it at all? I don’t know.”

The WWE Hall of Famer doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Khan to become involved as a character on AEW TV, saying that the AEW President is already spread thinly as it is with his backstage positions.

“The one thing I really don’t agree with is once, you know, once the boss starts getting involved in the angle and becomes a personality on the show, a character on the show.

“You are already the boss, and now you are the character as the boss on television, as well. It’s really hard to oversee what’s really, really going on. And from what we’ve heard, Tony Kahn has every job at AEW as far as writing, you know, of course, creative. As far as booking, you know.

The star claimed the move was a “recipe for disaster” as he’s seen shows “ruined for everybody” when the promoter is in an onscreen position. While he admitted he appears on his own promotion, Reality of Wrestling, Booker claimed he “tries his best” not to be on the shows.

“That right there is, and then now [being on the show], it always is a recipe for disaster in this business. And just about every promoter that has put themselves in that position, has ruined it for everybody on our own show. And I say that having a show like Reality Of Wrestling myself. And of course, I’m on the show sometimes., but I try my best to be off the show as much as I possibly can.”

Tony Khan Says Goldberg Wanted To Join AEW

Tony Khan recently addressed criticism from Goldberg, saying the star had actually shown a lot of interest in signing with AEW in the past.

The revelation was in response to Goldberg claiming that AEW was “too cheesy” for him to seriously consider joining.

H/T to 411Mania for the above transcription.