WWE Has “Leading Candidate” To Be New World Heavyweight Champion

Triple H introduces WWE World Title

With Roman Reigns’ dominance showing no signs of abating and a draft on the horizon, Triple H took the step of introducing fans to the all-new WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Raw in Chicago.

Following the draft, whichever brand does not end up with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns – likely to be Raw – will have a new champion crowned instead. This is similar to what happened in 2016 when SmackDown drafted WWE Champion Dean Ambrose and Raw subsequently introduced the Universal Title that was won by Finn Balor at SummerSlam that year.

WrestleVotes has reported that as far as who Triple H and WWE see as the first title holder, Seth Rollins appears to be among the favorites:

“With the new title, I’ve heard he’s a very strong candidate to be the first guy. No doubt about it, Seth is your leading candidate.”

The report continues by saying that Cody Rhodes is unlikely to be the first new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and his sights remain locked on Roman Reigns:

“Cody is wrapped into the Roman storyline. He needs to be the guy to beat him so the first champion shouldn’t be Cody, right? By giving him this new title, it’s not going to do anything for the title, or for him.”

Seth Rollins was Triple H’s pick to be crowned inaugural NXT Champion back in 2012 and Rollins was infamously The Game’s ‘plan b’ as The Architect turned his back on The Shield to join The Authority in 2014.

The new champion will be crowned at Night of Champions in Saudi Arabia on May 27th and a report suggests the timing of the new title being introduced is no accident.

h/t GiveMeSport