WWE “Keeping It Quiet” Regarding Plans For NXT Stars [SPOILER]

WWE NXT logo over Cameron Grimes and Duke Hudson

WWE is reportedly keeping any plans close to the vest when it comes to two of its rising NXT stars.

The Creed Brothers have already accomplished plenty in their young NXT careers, having already held the NXT Tag Team Championship as well as winning the 2022 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Now, according to reports from the taping for the July 4th episode of NXT, the brothers could be headed to the main roster after losing a Loser Leaves NXT match against The Dyad.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer explained that while Brutus and Julius Creed received a sendoff from the crowd following their loss, WWE officials aren’t confirming whether there are indeed plans to send the brothers to the main roster. In fact, some have been told that this is all a storyline angle, but Meltzer points out that this could be a misdirect.

“In what was a big surprise, the Dyad beat The Creeds in a loser leaves town match on the NXT show taped on 6/27 that airs on 7/4. After The Creeds lost, they left them in the ring and the fans chanted ‘Thank You Creeds,’ so the fans all assumed they were being brought to the main roster.

“That would be the impression everyone would have although internally they are keeping it quiet for the next week or so and some people directly involved have been told it’s all an angle, but that also could be people being told that to keep it from getting out. But I was told it would be clear in about ten days or two weeks what the real story is, but to the fans live, they certainly treated it like they were leaving.

“Everyone loves Julius Creed because of his size and the freak athletic things he can do. The thing is, they should either try to debut him as something special off the get go and his talking is there now but he’s still green at other things and I’d have waited until he was a finished package and to push him, and his brother, as superstars rather than just normal call-ups.”

Meltzer has previously reported that those backstage are especially impressed with Julius Creed.

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