Some In WWE Still Hopeful Of Signing Mercedes Mone Despite Expected AEW Deal

Mercedes Mone

What next for Mercedes Mone?

Mercedes Mone hasn’t wrestled since breaking her ankle on May 21st at NJPW STRONG Resurgence in a match against Willow Nightingale. The match was to crown the inaugural STRONG Women’s Champion, and Mone had been scheduled to win, but an audible was called. In fact, it was reported after the show that the title was created specifically for Mone.

While she’s been out of action it’s come to light that she will be ending her Japanese adventure to sign with AEW or even back with WWE.

When Mone appeared in the crowd at All In it seemed a deal with AEW was inevitable, but things didn’t quite play out that way. Towards the end of 2023, it was revealed that she’d been in talks with WWE, but those talks had collapsed, putting AEW back in pole position.

Despite this, it’s been reported by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that some in WWE still believe Mone could appear in the Royal Rumble on January 27th.

“Even though Giulia’s contract with Stardom expires in March and she is eventually going to WWE, she retained the New Japan Strong women’s title against Trish Adora in a very good match. She is scheduled to defend the title in Chicago, where it’s likely she’ll lose it. Stephanie Vaquer got a win on the undercard but given the next match is likely a title change, there may be a bigger name opponent for that show.

The original plan was for Giulia to lose to Mercedes Mone on this show, but Mone hasn’t returned and even with all the AEW rumors (and there is expectation in AEW that she’ll be in after finishing up some acting commitments this month), nothing is for certain and some in WWE believe there is still a shot for her in the Royal Rumble.”

WWE Star “Destined” To Face Mercedes Mone

The report comes after Bayley said she’s destined to wrestle Mercedes Mone again. Bayley explained that their history means they’ll always be linked, and there’ll never be a time when they’ve had their last match.

The real-life best friends were recently in the crowd to watch Trinity lose the Knockouts Title at TNA Hard To Kill. Trinity — who was known as Naomi in WWE, is expected to return to the company in the coming weeks.