Top WWE Star Destined For One More Match With Mercedes Mone

Mercedes Mone

One WWE name believes their story with Mercedes Mone is far from over.

Mercedes Mone remains one of the most in-demand wrestlers in the world, with her immediate future still uncertain.

The star, known as Sasha Banks in WWE, rose to become one of the biggest stars in the company before leaving in acrimonious circumstances and landing in NJPW. During her WWE run, Mone was often found teaming with or wrestling against real-life best friend Bayley.

With Mone still linked with a return to WWE despite talks reportedly collapsing, Bayley believes she’s destined to wrestle the star in the future. Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Bayley explained that her chemistry with Mone is on another level.

“We’ll always be destined for one more match. Our next match will never be our last. We’re ‘The Brooklyn Girls’. We’re going to live on forever because of that match, and it’s something we can carry on forever.

I don’t have chemistry in the ring with anyone else like I do with her. No one teaches me like her. She’s my [Michael] Jordan. I’ll beat her at that every time. I can beat her at most games like that. But when it comes to wrestling, it’s 50-50.”

Mercedes Mone Linked With AEW Switch

Despite speculation around WWE, Mone is expected to sign with AEW, although not everyone believes it will be a good move. Bischoff recently claimed that Mercedes Mone’s signing wouldn’t have an impact, as other former WWE stars have failed to boost business.

While Mone’s future is uncertain, Bayley recently signed a new deal with WWE.