WWE Having Discussions With Another Promotion

Triple H WWE

The Triple H era of WWE has shown a willingness to work with other promotions and that could include another well-known brand.

It is a new era for World Wrestling Entertainment as Triple H leads the way as the Chief Content Officer along with Nick Khan as the WWE President. As the leaders of the company, they have started a working relationship with TNA, which has led to stars like Jordynne Grace & Joe Hendry appearing on NXT and Tatum Paxley wrestling in TNA.

Meanwhile, former World Wrestling Entertainment Champion AJ Styles is heading back to Japan for a huge match. Styles will be heading to Pro-Wrestling NOAH to challenge Japanese legend Naomichi Marufuji. The match is set to take place on July 13th at NOAH Destination and it will be the first bout ever between two incredible performers.

Giulia is currently out of action with a broken wrist, but the newly signed WWE talent is expected to be part of the NXT brand soon while also appearing at some Marigold shows as well.

A new report from Lucha Libre Online earlier this week noted that World Wrestling Entertainment is interested in working with promotions in Mexico and Puerto Rico.

“EXCLUSIVE: WWE has established alliances in Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States with top professional wrestling companies. Lucha Libre Online can confirm that WWE is looking to establish alliances or agreements with companies in both Puerto Rico and Mexico. The company has knocked on the door in both countries very recently with the intention of creating a partnership, similar to what they did with companies like TNA, Pro Wrestling NOAH and Marigold. If it comes to fruition, it would be HUGE for the company from Puerto Rico and Mexico that WWE selects.”

What Promotion In Mexico Could WWE Work With?

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer wrote about what Lucha Libre Online reported while noting that World Wrestling Entertainment has reached out to the Mexican promotion AAA’s Dorian Roldan.

“LuchaLibreOnline, which is Hugo Savinovich’s web site meaning it’s going to be very accurate when it comes to Puerto Rico and pretty inside when it comes to AAA, reported that WWE is looking for promotions in both Mexico and Puerto Rico to work with similar to their new relationships with Marigold, TNA and Pro Wrestling NOAH. There’s really nothing of any real significance in Puerto Rico. I’m sure WWE would like to work with CMLL, since AEW is, but I’d think doing so would require both New Japan and CMLL to turn their back on AEW and I don’t see that happening.”

“AAA did use AEW talent just this past weekend at TripleMania but obviously they’d do something with WWE in a heartbeat given the deal with Dragon Lee & Dralisitco beating FTR clean for the tag titles and then Lee, who scored the pin, then announcing in the ring he was vacating the title and going to WWE. In theory WWE owed them a big favor because WWE even got ESPN to cover Lee signing immediately, and the nature of what happened, so they had set all that up well in advance. But evidently there was no favor and Konnan went back and tried to make amends with AEW.”

“We’ve been told that Dorian Roldan has been talking with NXT but that’s all we’ve been able to confirm.”

While it appears that the discussions might be in the early stages, the fact that it is being reported could mean something is brewing between World Wrestling Entertainment and AAA soon.