Highly-Anticipated WWE Debut Pushed Back Due To Injury

Triple H WWE

WWE plans have changed.

Shortly before WrestleMania, it was reported that Giulia had agreed a deal to join WWE. The star was presented to the crowd at NXT Stand & Deliver before also attending WWE’s showpiece event.

However, before heading to NXT, Giulia agreed to appear for Marigold which is run by former Stardom boss Rossy Ogawa. But as it turned out an unfortunate accident in her first match for the promotion threw her plans into chaos. During the main event of the company’s first event, Giulia broke her wrist, but she remains determined to complete her existing bookings.

Back in April, it was reported WWE wanted Giulia to make her NXT debut at Heatwave on July 7th, to challenge for one of the brand’s women’s titles. This would have theoretically seen the star challenge Roxanne Perez for the NXT Women’s Title or Kelani Jordan for the newly-created Women’s North American Title.

WWE Will Have To Wait For Giulia

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer offered an update on Giulia, seemingly confirming she won’t be at Heatwave. The star is still heading to NXT, but her full debut will now have to wait until “later in the year.”

Regarding Giulia, she is definitely not wrestling Roxanne Perez on the NXT show on 7/7 in Toronto. She and those in Japan (and one source in NXT) had denied the story from the beginning. She is injured and had surgery on her wrist and won’t be ready by that date. She is coming but not until later in the year. Perez vs. Lola Vice looks to be the match on that show.

Meanwhile, it’s been announced Iyo Sky will appear at Marigold’s next big event on July 13th. At the show, Sky will challenge Utami Hayashishita.