WWE Has A Better Buzz Now Than In Attitude Era Says Ex-Writer

WWE Attitude Era

According to one writer that was there, WWE has more buzz now than in the Attitude Era.

The Attitude Era of the late nineties/early 2000s saw the wrestling world go mainstream once again with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock rejuvenated WWE while the foundations for the era were built by the NWO in WCW and ECW’s extreme philosophies.

Despite the fondness for the time from some fans and the fact that business was booming then, business in WWE now is bigger than ever even if it’s not quite hit the same mainstream appeal.

Speaking on The Masked Man Show, former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz gave his thoughts on the assessment that there is more buzz in WWE now than in the Attitude Era and gave examples of things he sees that support that:

“Here are three things WWE has going for it now that are way better than in the Attitude Era and it’s not even confined to the on-screen product. One, obviously, is the money it’s bringing in, the rights deals for TV shows, it benefitted from the fact that even though viewing is more fragmented now with streaming platforms, social media, video games, and everything else, WWE like most live sports is a show you need to watch live for the most part if you really, really wanna follow what’s going on.

“[…] The respectability that WWE has [now]. As a writer there, I hated when we switched to the PG era, I thought it was stifling. Especially because Vince himself – it said it was the PG era but really it was the G era. […] But it really planted the roots and the groundwork to WWE gaining respectability again with the advertisers and Hollywood in general because it made it safe for moms and dads to watch with their kids.”

Gewirtz also gave his assessment that WWE’s presentation of its women’s division is night and day from what was seen in the Attitude Era:

“It’s not even comparable to the way it was treated — and presented — in the Attitude Era. It’s not that the women in the Attitude Era … couldn’t do the things that the women today are doing … but the mindset at the time was the audience does not want to see the women in a cage match or … a ladder match … And that mindset has been a complete 180 now.”

WWE might never see viewership reach Attitude Era again

One difference Brian Gewirtz touched on between the Attitude Era and today’s product is the more gradual change in presentation now than was seen back then:

“[Current] WWE’s progression has been very gradual, … whereas [the differences between] Attitude Era vs. [the] Duke “The Dumpster” Droese, Doink the Clown, [and] TL Hopper era that preceded it, … was astronomical … And it’s the fact that you had between [WCW] Nitro and Raw, an average, whatever it is, [of] 10 million people not only watching, but all watching at the same time … I don’t think [that mindset] can be replicated.”

Current WWE star LA Knight has also given his thoughts on being compared to two of the Attitude Era’s biggest stars.

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