WWE Hall Of Famer’s Granddaughter Gets Tryout With Company

WWE SummerSlam 2023 tryouts

It looks like the SummerSlam tryouts had a WWE Hall Of Famer’s granddaughter putting herself forward for a role.

WWE SummerSlam took place at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. As usual when a showpiece event like this comes to town it wasn’t just about what goes on in front of the live crowd, but everything which goes on with the company rolling in to town such as the opportunity for people to tryout for potential roles in the wrestling behemoth.

Now, some of the names who were trying out for the company have been revealed and there’s someone with some significant wrestling pedigree in the mix.

Bill Watts’ Granddaughter Has WWE Tryout

As is the case with many of these tryouts nowadays, they go towards WWE’s Next In Line (program), for those looking to move to wrestling from other sports. One of those is granddaughter of WWE Hall Of Famer Bill Watts, Sydne Watts.

As well as having the wrestling pedigree in her name, Watts has also played Navy basketball.

The report from ESPN notes that 40 competitors took part, including “15 footballer players, 11 former college track and field athletes, six gymnasts and others from wrestling, basketball, volleyball, powerlifting, softball and cheer”.

The NIL program is starting to see people appearing, including The Cavinder Twins. Haley and Hanna Cavinder previously decided against pursuing their fifth year of eligibility in the NCAA in order to join WWE. The social media stars bring with them quite a following and recently made an appearance on NXT, even though it wasn’t in-ring.