Disgraced WWE Hall Of Famer Won’t Be Used For “Quite Some Time”

WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2023

WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner caused an uproar when he launched a tirade of abuse towards IMPACT Wrestling star Gisele Shaw over WrestleMania weekend.

Shaw, a transgender woman who competes in IMPACT’s Knockouts division, took to social media to share her unfortunate experience with Rick Steiner during Wrestlecon:

I was at an autograph signing today at Wrestlecon and while I was walking to my table, I hear someone yelling “you’re a man,” “you’re a dude,” you’re a piece of trash,” You are filth,” “get the f*ck away from here.”

I kept my head down and kept walking as I did not want to acknowledge that hate. When I arrived at my table, I spoke to another Impact Wrestling talent who was at the signing with me and mentioned the incident. It didn’t sit well with me and I wanted to know who was saying that because it’s unacceptable, so I decided to take a walk in that area and I hear that same person saying the same derogatory comments.

I looked at the person and it was Rick Steiner saying those statements. I was shocked and could not believe that this was even happening. To have someone saying those comments who a lot of people look up to and consider their hero was quite shocking and disheartening.

I was in disbelief so I asked him, “excuse me?!” He kept repeating those hateful phrases and started yelling at me in a public setting. It was inexcusable and unacceptable!

As a result of his actions, Rick Steiner was barred from returning to Wrestlecon and now it looks like the incident also killed any chance of him appearing in WWE again alongside his son, former NXT Champion Bron Breakker.

Fightful Select has reported that the incident involving Rick Steiner “eliminated any chance” of WWE using him again for quite some time. It is also emphatically noted that Bron Breakker has received no heat as a result of his father’s actions.

Bron Breakker has commented on the situation previously noting that his father’s comments are “not a reflection” of who he is.