Bron Breakker Says Father’s Offensive Comments Are “Not A Reflection” Of Him

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Bron Breakker has commented on his father Rick Steiner’s offensive comments during WrestleMania weekend.

During WrestleMania weekend everywhere, there’s an event called Wrestlecon featuring current wrestlers that aren’t in WWE as well as legends from the past. It’s an opportunity for fans to meet the wrestlers that they watch on television or at live events.

At this year’s Wrestlecon in Los Angeles, WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner made some terrible comments towards Impact Wrestling’s Gisele Shaw, who is a transgender woman that competes in the company’s Knockouts Division.

Shaw shared a lengthy message about what happened at the time.

I was at an autograph signing today at Wrestlecon and while I was walking to my table, I hear someone yelling “you’re a man,” “you’re a dude,” you’re a piece of trash,” You are filth,” “get the f*ck away from here.”

I kept my head down and kept walking as I did not want to acknowledge that hate. When I arrived at my table, I spoke to another Impact Wrestling talent who was at the signing with me and mentioned the incident. It didn’t sit well with me and I wanted to know who was saying that because it’s unacceptable, so I decided to take a walk in that area and I hear that same person saying the same derogatory comments.

I looked at the person and it was Rick Steiner saying those statements. I was shocked and could not believe that this was even happening. To have someone saying those comments who a lot of people look up to and consider their hero was quite shocking and disheartening.

I was in disbelief so I asked him, “excuse me?!” He kept repeating those hateful phrases and started yelling at me in a public setting. It was inexcusable and unacceptable!

After Shaw made this known publicly, Rick Steiner was removed from Wrestlecon.

Bron Breakker is Rick Steiner’s son that has been one of the biggest stars on the WWE NXT brand over the last two years. Breakker is a former two-time NXT Champion that has headlined many NXT Premium Live Events. After a year-long run as a babyface NXT Champion, Breakker turned heel against current NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes.

While speaking to Under The Ring, Bron Breakker was asked about his father’s comments from the Wrestlecon event.

“Yeah, you know, I appreciate the question I can’t speak for my father, but that’s not a reflection of me and who I am and what I’m about.”

As for what’s next for Bron Breakker in NXT, he will have one of the biggest matches of his career this Tuesday on NXT when he challenges Seth “Freakin” Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.