WWE Hall Of Famer Wants To Apologise For Being A Bully

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A former WWE Hall Of Famer and Intercontinental Champion has admitted he was a bully to a fellow superstar, and hopes to get the opportunity to apologize to him in the future.

Charles Wright wore plenty of hats during his time in WWE – and whilst he gained notoriety under the guises of Kama and Papa Shango, perhaps the most attention came from his time as the literal hat-wearing Godfather.

However, the character took a full 180 switch when Wright became The Goodfather, becoming a member of Right To Censor alongside the likes of Stevie Richards and Ivory.

In a discussion on The Universal Wrestling Podcast, Charles Wright has admitted that he took out his frustrations over going from being The Godfather to The Goodfather on Richards, and that he hopes to apologize to him for it one day.

One day I’m going to apologize to him for the way that I treated him when I see him. I was kind of a bully to him because I kind of blamed him for me becoming The Goodfather when it was not his fault at all. But I couldn’t blame Vince, but I was kind of a d**khead to him.

Now 61 years old, Wright underwent hip surgery at the tail end of the 2022. His accomplishments in the industry were recognized in 2016 when he was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.

With thanks to eWrestlingNews for the transcription.