WWE Hall Of Famer Convinced The Undertaker Will Be Recast

The Undertaker vs The Undertaker WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett says it’s almost a guarantee that someone else one day will don the cloak and the hat of The Undertaker.

In 1994, WWE had an ultimately ill-thought-out idea that saw Ted DiBiase claim to have brought The Undertaker back to the company after a long layoff. However, DiBiase’s Phenom was a fraud and SummerSlam 1994’s main event saw the improbable main event of Undertaker vs. Undertaker – or Undertaker vs. Underfaker as fans have dubbed it.

The Undertaker has recently discussed how hard he’s found retirement since ending his in-ring career in 2020 but could WWE have plans in the future to have yet someone else portray the legendary character?

The Undertaker Could Return To WWE Says Jeff Jarrett

Speaking on My World with Jeff Jarrett, the WWE Hall of Famer was asked if anyone could ever portray The Undertaker other than Mark Calaway considering WWE owns the intellectual property of the character and Jarrett had a very interesting response:

Buddy, timing is everything, and creative is subjective. But can you imagine, and again, when I say timing, I’m not talking about the mechanics of a match. I’m talking about the whole essence of a storyline and the build, and again, you have, I’ll just use…can you imagine the right set of circumstances, the gong go off, the Undertaker’s gong?

Look, Mark’s doing one-man shows now, and he’s very active, [he has a] podcast and all that. So maybe today the time isn’t right, I don’t know. But do I think it’s a real possibility? I think it’s almost a guarantee [that someone else does the Undertaker character].

Jarrett then noted that such a recreation could only be done because of The Undertaker’s success in the role and noted that re-using characters is common in Mexico:

It wouldn’t be possible, in this case, without Mark’s incredible run. Same with, there’s multiple situations and instances in Mexico with this. It’s the nature of the beast. As a creative guy, man, that would be fun to write and book and everything that goes with it.

In the past WWE has reused gimmicks with the company infamously recasting Diesel and Razor Ramon after Kevin Nash and Scott Hall had left the company to join WCW. The Fake Diesel and Fake Razor as they came to be known did not last long, however, and attained nowhere near the success in those roles as the originals.

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