The Undertaker Struggling With Retirement

The Undertaker admits not wrestling has left a huge void in his life.

At WrestleMania 36 The Undertaker wrestled his final match against AJ Styles, defeating the former World Champion in a cinematic Boneyard Match.

The legend has since admitted he continued his career in order to find the right moment to say goodbye after delivering a series of sub-par performances in the final years of his run.

Fast forward four years and The Deadman has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, while his one-man show often accompanies major Premium Live Events. Like many veterans before him, he’s also started a podcast.

During a recent episode of Six Feet Under, ‘Taker answered a fan question about his transition from wrestler to former wrestler.

“My transition…I knew my time had come. But I wasn’t ready for it to come. I just knew that my body couldn’t deliver what my mind and my heart wanted to give the fans and it was kind of difficult. You have to remember that for over half of my life, being in the ring is what I did, and then it’s not there anymore.

That does, it leaves a huge void in you because you’re trying to fill that void, which was a passion. You’re trying to find out what that next passion is and what it is that you’re gonna sink your teeth into and there just may not be something that will ever refill that void.”

The Undertaker Struggles Attending WWE Events

The former World Champion added that he continues to follow WWE and watch along at home, but he finds it difficult to attend events in person.

“I watch it’s hard for me to…it’s hard for me still to this day. When I retired, I retired in 2020 and here we are in 2024. I still find myself sometimes struggling, not so much at home. I’m more analytical and more of an analyst type while I’m watching it at home.

But if I’m like live in the venue, there’s a lot of times where I just have to leave because there’s that thing in me that saying ‘You should be getting ready to go to the ring.’ I hope it goes away at some point but as of now, it hasn’t.”

The Undertaker is set to bring his one-man show to Philadelphia for WrestleMania weekend.

H/t to SEScoops