WWE Hall Of Famer Says The Kliq Are “Wrong For The Business”

kevin nash the kliq wwe hall of fame

The Kliq group has had a lot of success in the pro wrestling business, but they really weren’t liked by everyone they worked with including a WWE Hall of Famer that had some harsh words with them.

During the 1990s in WWE, there was a group known as The Kliq consisting of Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash (Diesel in WWE), Scott Hall (Razor Ramon in WWE), Triple H and X-Pac. All five of them are WWE Hall of Famers and four of them are two-time Hall of Famers with Triple H as the lone exception only because he hasn’t been inducted as a singles wrestler yet.

While The Kliq was winning titles and gaining a lot of power backstage due to their friendship with WWE boss Vince McMahon, there have been many stories told by people that didn’t like the group.

When four of them (except X-Pac) did a group hug in Madison Square Garden at the end of a show before Kevin & Scott left for WCW, a lot of people in wrestling hated it because they think it confused the fans and was disrespectful towards what pro wrestling is supposed to be.

Add WWE Hall of Jake Roberts to the list of people that didn’t really like The Kliq as a group.

On a recent episode of The Snake Pit podcast, Jake “The Snake” Roberts said he didn’t like the group and thought it was wrong for the business of pro wrestling.

“I didn’t fit in. I wasn’t part of The Kliq. I’ve never been a cliquey guy, man. I don’t believe in cliques. I think they’re wrong, I think they’re wrong for the business. Friendship is one thing, but when you start trying to run a company by your influence and forcing people to do things that they don’t want done because you have the power, it’s not good.”

Jake Roberts also reacted to Vince McMahon having a conference call with Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart so that they can try to put their differences aside:

“When I first heard about that, I said, ‘Vince, fire both of them motherf***ers. Fire both, man. They’re not helping your f***ing company. They’re jacking your company off. They’re playing you.’ Are you kidding me?”

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