Triple H Gives WWE Star Hard Camera Instructions Live On Raw

Triple H WWE Raw 30

Triple H was dishing out the instructions on Raw, telling someone who should know better to stop turning their back to the hard camera in a moment many missed.

On the 30th anniversary of Raw many WWE Hall of Famers were in attendance to celebrate the special occasion. The Undertaker made his presence felt when he resurrected the American Badass to confront LA Knight. Knight tried to walk away from The Deadman but he was stopped in his tracks by Bray Wyatt who went on to have a spine-tingling moment in the ring with the legendary star.

The night also saw Sami Zayn put on trial by Roman Reigns. To the surprise of many Jey Uso was the one that leapt to Zayn’s defence with The Tribal Chief handing down a not guilty verdict to the Honorary Uce but warned him he had a “final test” to face at the Royal Rumble.

During the show, DX was joined by a potential new member in fellow WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. As Triple H was set to launch into his famous introduction, they were interrupted by Imperium. During Imperium’s entrance Triple H can be heard loudly giving directions to Shawn Michaels to stop turning his back to the hard camera.

The giveaway that it was Shawn Michaels getting the telling off is that when the camera cuts back to the ring, HBK can be seen jumping around to face the right way.

The showdown led to a bout between Imperium and Seth Rollins & The Street Profits with Rollins’ team picking up the victory.