WWE Hall Of Famer Has Surprising Praise For Tony Khan

Tony Khan AEW

According to one WWE Hall of Famer, Tony Khan has finally made a good decision.

AEW kicked off April by releasing several talents seemingly in an effort to trim its budget. While the majority of those released hadn’t been regulars for some time, the departures of Dasha, Anthony Henry, and Stu Grayson raised eyebrows among fans.

The cuts became a huge talking point on social media given that Khan had said he wasn’t in the business of mass releases. Khan has previously waited for contracts to expire before parting ways with talent.

However, speaking on 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff came to Khan’s defence and said the releases were one of the smartest things he’s ever done, even if it does make him a hypocrite. Bischoff has traditionally been one of Khan’s biggest critics, so the compliment — even though it’s more than a little backhanded, is a surprise.

“It’s probably really smart; it may be the only second or third smart thing that Tony has done now in a while. The sad thing is — I don’t mean any offense — but I never heard of any one of them.”

The former WCW boss then offered advice to those who’d been released.

“By that, my new favorite saying: ‘Comfort is a thief.’ It’s very easy to get comfortable getting a check every two weeks without any pressure, it’s hard not to get comfortable, but it’s stealing from you too, because you’re not doing anything.”

Tony Khan Rehires Recently Released AEW Star

Just days after being released, Anthony Henry is being brought back to AEW by Tony Khan. At the time of his release, Henry was dealing with a broken jaw suffered at an indie event, something that made his release even more surprising.

During a media call ahead of AEW Supercard of Honor, Khan said he’d changed his mind on Henry’s release, and the star will be back on television once medically cleared.

H/t to Wrestling Inc