WWE Hall Of Famer Reacts To Rhea Ripley-Chyna Comparisons

rhea ripley wwe

Whilst there are plenty of similarities to be drawn between the two, a WWE Hall Of Famer has discussed whether he feels Rhea Ripley has the ability to surpass Chyna’s accomplishments.

Both being members of D-Generation X, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels and Chyna knew each other extremely well. The latter would go on to hold both the Women’s Championship and Intercontinental Championship, crossing the boundaries between the men’s and women’s titles in a unique way.

Since then many have drawn comparisons between ‘The Ninth Wonder Of The World’ and modern day star Rhea Ripley. In a discussion with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Michaels revealed that he knew from day one how much of a star Rhea Ripley would be.

I knew it from the day I walked into NXT that you could see that she was something special, wanting to do everything that I could to be a part of her career. When she started out with us in NXT UK, man, I’m just telling you, you could see her grow, you could see her confidence grow, watch her evolve and just turn into a fantastic performer, then came over here to NXT and continued that ascension.

Continuing on, Michaels discussed how he feels that Rhea Ripley has plenty of time to go even further than Chyna did in the wrestling business.

I’m not surprised one bit of her success on the main roster, and she’s still so very young. She’s gonna surpass certainly, respectfully, anything that Chyna accomplished, but I don’t think that’ll ever take away from what Joanie contributed to the WWE and the sport in general.

Shawn Michaels also revealed two current NXT stars who he feels could go on to main event WrestleMania one day.