WWE Hall Of Famer Reveals Which Wrestler Would Have Forced Hulk Hogan To Work Hader

WWE Hall Of Famer Reveals Which Wrestler Would Have Forced Hulk Hogan To Work Hader

WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson delved into a hypothetical scenario involving two titans of the industry: Hulk Hogan and Vader, set in the Japanese wrestling landscape.

During an episode of his ARN podcast, Anderson illuminated the potentially transformative impact such a match could have had on Hogan’s wrestling repertoire. Recalling their shared time in WCW, Anderson shed light on Hogan’s initial reluctance to step into the ring with Vader. According to Anderson, a clash with Vader would have necessitated Hogan to push himself beyond his accustomed boundaries, compelling him to deliver a performance that transcended his usual comfort zone.

It would’ve forced Hogan outside of his comfort zone to have him turn it on and turn it up,

Expanding on the notion of Hogan’s versatility, Anderson expressed surprise at the disparity between Hogan’s wrestling style in Japan and his more familiar persona. He noted that Hogan’s approach in Japan exhibited a more grounded and traditional wrestling demeanour, a departure from the flamboyant character typically associated with him.

But I’ve seen some stuff of Hogan in Japan. He’s a different guy in there. He works like a regular guy but he’s still Hulk Hogan. I was very, very shocked to see that. So, if he could’ve had that kind of match with Vader? Sign me up,

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