WWE Legend Dispels Hulk Hogan Rumor Regarding Big Match

Hulk Hogan WWE Raw 30

A legendary WWE manager has revealed some interesting details about one of Hulk Hogan’s WrestleMania main event matches.

Hulk Hogan was a big reason why WrestleMania was a huge success for WWE since he was in the main event of eight of the first nine WrestleMania main events.

At WrestleMania 8 in 1992, a lot of fans might have expected a Hulk Hogan-Ric Flair dream match, but that didn’t happen there. Instead, Flair defended the WWE Championship against Randy Savage in the middle of the show while Hogan faced off against Sid Justice in the main event.

The Hulk Hogan match against Sid Justice at WrestleMania 8 is not celebrated as a great match by any means. It ended when Sid’s manager Harvey Wippleman went into the ring and it led to a Disqualification, which came right after Sid kicked out of Hogan’s leg drop, which was rare. Wippleman was just standing in the ring when there was a disqualification called by the referee.

There have been reports over the years that Papa Shango was supposed to interfere to cause the DQ, but he missed his cue and they improvised the finish instead. Shango showed up after the bell, which led to The Ultimate Warrior saving Hogan, which drew a huge ovation. Hogan & Warrior celebrated to end the show.

In an interview with Steve Fall of, former WWE manager Harvey Wiippleman claims there was no mistake with the match finish.

“A lot of people ask me this question, as if something got screwed up or somebody wasn’t on time or something didn’t go as planned. Untrue. Every single thing that took place in that match went down exactly as it was supposed to.”

Hulk Hogan Is Like Elvis And The Beatles

According to Wippleman, Hulk Hogan is legendary like all-time great musicians such as Elvis Presley and The Beatles due to Hogan’s longevity at the top.

“I love Hulk Hogan. He’s like Elvis Presley or the Beatles. There has been a lot of great guys, top guys, a lot of guys drew a lot of money. Nobody is in second place. Nobody. Hulk Hogan is without a doubt the guy that drew the most amount of money for the longest period of time. No argument. There’s nothing anybody can say to refute that. He is the man. He’s the best.”

At the 2024 Royal Rumble, Hulk Hogan narrated a video to open the show because the event took place in the Tampa Bay area, which is where Hogan is from.