WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls The Origin Of The Rock’s Iconic Finishing Move

WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls The Origin Of The Rock's Iconic Finishing Move

Triple H revealed the backstory behind The Rock’s iconic WWE finishing move, The People’s Elbow.

In an interview with Greg James of BBC Radio 1, according to Triple H, the move originated spontaneously as an attempt to break character and amuse fellow wrestlers, particularly The Undertaker.

Triple H reminisced about the unconventional genesis of The People’s Elbow. Initially, it was a spur-of-the-moment gag by The Rock to elicit laughter from his colleagues during a WWE house show match. Despite The Rock’s failed attempt to make The Undertaker laugh, the crowd’s positive response encouraged the continued use of the move.

It got to the point where it would happen at a couple of events, and there was a night where I think we were all working a tag match on TV, and [Mick] Foley said: ‘I dare you to do that elbow tonight!’

As the move gained traction, it became a recurring spectacle at televised events and eventually a staple in The Rock’s repertoire. Triple H explained how such moments evolve, saying:

These things morph in those ways that they just catch on and, trust me, we’re quick to go: ‘Oh, they like that. I’m sticking with that.’

Despite its popularity among fans, Triple H humorously remarked on the move’s impracticality. He described it as “the hokiest move ever” due to its elaborate setup and exaggerated impact.

I loved working with The Rock, so this is in no way disparaging of him, but it is the hokiest move ever.

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