The Rock Reveals Which 3 Current WWE Superstars He Believes Are “Great On The Mic”

The Rock Reveals Which 3 Current WWE Superstars He Believes Are

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, upon his return to WWE, has delivered captivating promos targeting prominent figures such as Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

His compelling and commanding presence on the microphone has been a hallmark of his time in WWE. During his early WWE career, Dwayne Johnson’s ability to engage and captivate the audience was not immediately evident. However, through a significant character evolution and attitude adjustment, he transformed into the charismatic and enigmatic persona known today.

In an interview with Fox News The Rock also shared his views on other individuals with exceptional promo-cutting skills, providing valuable insights into this aspect of professional wrestling.

“I feel like CM Punk is great on the mic. I feel like Cody Rhodes is great on the mic too as well. Seth Rollins. Paul Heyman, is another guy that’s great on the mic. I will say this. I grew up in the world of wrestling. What made, I believe, the wrestlers of the 70s and 80s have this unique style is that in their promos there was this belief because it was a fact and it was true. If you didn’t get over, if you didn’t get over on the microphone, you weren’t going to eat. You weren’t going to pay your bills. It was that simple.”

The Rock Talks About Why He Returned to WWE

Following his joining the TKO Board of Directors and then the revelation that he was wrestling at Wrestlemania 40, The Rock has explained why he decided to make his return. Being such a big part of the company since his boom in popularity during the end of the 90s, The Rock has been effective as both a fan favourite and a heel; the latter persona, what he reverted back to due to the overwhelmingly negative reaction to an originally planned storyline, which involved him replacing Cody Rhodes in the main event of Wrestlemania 40.

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