WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls Hulk Hogan Jumping To WCW In 1994

Hulk Hogan

WWE Hall Of Famer Arn Anderson has admitted he was not convinced the 1994 arrival of Hulk Hogan in WCW was going to be a success.

Hogan looked set to build on a movie career that had already included cult classics Suburban Commando and Mr Nanny when he departed WWE shortly after losing the WWE Championship to Yokozuna at King Of The Ring in 13th June 1993. His absence from the ring lasted less than a year, however, with the lure of Ted Turner’s WCW proving too much to resist.

A series of vignettes with long-time collaborator ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund followed before Hogan was officially unveiled as a WCW wrestler at a contract signing ceremony held at Disney’s MGM Studios on 11th June 1994.

Speaking on a recent edition of the ‘ARN’ podcast, former WCW Television Champion Arn Anderson reflected on Hogan’s arrival, revealing that he was sceptical about Hogan’s potential impact in WCW despite the overwhelming positivity shown by Ric Flair at the time:

“Ric knew he would work with Hogan; it was going to help the company.

It was going to help Ric could see, you know, he could see the benefit and work with Hogan as a flagship for WCW. And what that would do for business.

Yeah. Yeah, we talked about that. I was still a little skeptical.”

Could Hulk Hogan Be Set For A Return To The Ring?

70 year-old Hogan has suffered from well documented health issues in recent years, including multiple back surgeries.

Despite this, one WWE Hall Of Famer believes Hogan could still return to the ring for one more match if the right situation arose.

H/T: 411Mania for the above transcription