WWE Hall Of Famer Addresses Hulk Hogan Possibly Wrestling Again

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Hulk Hogan’s wrestling career may be over, but a good friend of his suggests that maybe there could be one more match for The Hulkster.

As a two-time WWE Hall of Famer with 12 World Heavyweight Titles while working for WWE and WCW, “Hollywood” Hogan has nothing left to prove. Considering Hulk Hogan is 70 years old and has claimed to have over 25 surgeries due to his wrestling career, it seems like a bad idea to wrestle again.

When it comes to pro wrestlers, the phrase “never say never” is a legitimate thing because you never know what they might do.

Jimmy Hart is a WWE Hall of Famer who is one of Hogan’s best friends and has also been a legitimate manager for Hogan in his career.

During an appearance on Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg, Jimmy Hart explained why he believes that Hulk Hogan could still compete in the ring.

“…For some reason, even when we are at the Beach Shop here, and these matches come on, the matches he used to be in, all of a sudden it’s like he’s Popeye The Sailor Man.”

“He Hulks up, and all of a sudden, I think he could do whatever he wants to do, but I’m telling you what, he could still throw those punches. He could also use a chair if he had to, but I think the fans wouldn’t really care. They would love to have him there, but they wouldn’t care if he could throw a punch or if he couldn’t just to be in the building with Hulkamania and do that; they would be so thrilled for him.”

The discussion continued with Jimmy Hart speaking about how Hogan was doing physically.

“Hulk and I talk about every couple of days, and I’m always concerned about his health, but right now, he’s doing phenomenal and he works out religiously. Twice a day, believe this or not, twice a day, and if you looked at him, you wouldn’t think anything is wrong with him. He looks just how he used to look.”

Jimmy Hart also spoke about how Hulk Hogan views current WWE talent and their willingness to appear again.

“He loves the talent. He watches Roman Reigns. He watches Seth (Rollins). He loves Cody (Rhodes). He thinks that what Triple H is doing up there is phenomenal, and like I said, whenever they call us to do something, we are always there.”

WWE Planning To Celebrate Hulk Hogan’s Rise With Hulkamania

It was 40 years ago this month when Hulk Hogan first won the WWE Championship and the phenomenon known as Hulkamania again. For the rest of the 1980s, Hulk Hogan was WWE’s unquestioned top guy and also had a bit of a run in the early 1990s before going to WCW in 1994.

There was a previous report earlier in the month that WWE was going to honor Hogan’s Hulkamania rise. The date that Hulk Hogan beat The Iron Sheik to become WWE Champion for the first time was January 23, 1984 so perhaps the celebration will take place closer to that date.

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