WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls How They Broke The Ring During A PPV

WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls How They Broke The Ring During A PPV

At WWE Vengeance 2011, wrestling fans witnessed an unforgettable moment when Mark Henry and Big Show, Paul Wight, staged a dramatic ring collapse. The event, held in San Antonio, showcased Big Show’s unexpected agility as he climbed the turnbuckle to execute a top rope manoeuvre. This setup allowed Henry to deliver a powerful superplex, causing the ring to disintegrate.

Recalling the event during an interview on “Insight with Chris Van Vliet,” Mark Henry shared his surprise upon learning about the planned spot.

I think they told me that day when I got to the arena.

Henry said, expressing initial disbelief about the necessity of executing the spot for real. He explained the mechanics behind the spectacle, noting that wrestling rings are supported by wires connected to a central point underneath.

It’s a magic trick to letting all of that stuff happen at the moment it’s supposed to happen, not before. Because then you put people in danger.

This engineered stunt, as Henry described, is meticulously orchestrated to ensure safety while delivering dramatic effect, ensuring the ring collapses at the precise moment without risking the performers’ safety.

This was not the first time Big Show had been involved in such a memorable spot. In 2003, on an episode of WWE SmackDown, he was superplexed by Brock Lesnar, leading to another ring collapse. The spectacle repeated in 2017 during a main event match on Raw when Braun Strowman superplexed Big Show, once again causing the ring to fall apart.

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