Mark Henry Speaks About Why It “Hurts” Him To Watch Modern Wrestling

Mark Henry Speaks About Why It

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry shared his dissatisfaction with modern professional wrestling.

Expressing his concerns during a discussion with The Undertaker on the “Six Feet Under With Mark Calaway” podcast. Reflecting on his nearly 30 years of experience, Mark Henry highlighted what he perceives as a significant departure from the fundamentals of wrestling.

I watch it and it hurts. The number one thing that people don’t do in wrestling is the struggle. I was taught the struggle in wrestling.

Henry elaborated on how today’s wrestling matches often lack unpredictability and the crucial element of suspense.

I know what’s going to happen with most matches because they don’t disguise it, they don’t allow you to go into a blind belief, a suspended belief to where you don’t see it.

To illustrate his point, Henry recounted his own experiences in the ring, emphasising the importance of in-ring storytelling. He provided an example from his wrestling career to underline how narrative elements are crucial to a match’s success.

I should be able to pick up every human in the ring but there’s a time when you’re not supposed to. So now I got to, you know, go punch at somebody and hit the pole and now my hand hurts… it’s the storytelling of where you go in the match.

What Is Happening With Mark Henry’s AEW Contract?

It has been reported that Mark Henry’s AEW contract is set to expire soon as he debuted with the company on May 30th, 2021, at the Double or Nothing PPV and it is possible that the WWE Hall of Famer only signed a three-year deal with the company.

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