WWE Hall Of Famer Recalls Eric Bischoff Saying WCW Would Put WWE Out Of Business

Eric Bischoff

WWE Hall Of Famer ‘Million Dollar Man’ Ted Dibiase has been sharing his memories of Eric Bischoff’s wish to put WWE out of business.

Former WCW President Bischoff famously led WCW as they defeated WWE in the television ratings for 83 straight weeks during a boom period for wrestling later known as ‘The Monday Night War’.

Dibiase spent 9 memorable years with WWE before switching to WCW in 1996, where he was revealed as the fourth member of the NWO. Dibiase became the mouthpiece for the group for three months before being replaced by Bischoff himself.

Speaking on a recent edition of his podcast Everybody’s Got A Pod, Dibiase recounted memories of backstage meetings where Bischoff would state his desire to put WWE out of business:

“Oh, I mean, I heard it all, and I just — I’ll be honest with you, I just kept my mouth shut and watched, and oftentimes laughed.

And I said, nobody’s going to put Vince McMahon out of business. And especially someone who knows nothing about the wrestling business. And I’m sorry, but in my opinion Eric Bischoff didn’t know squat about wrestling at the time.”

Did Eric Bischoff Seek Advice From Ted Dibiase?

Dibiase revealed that Bischoff did not seek to delve into his knowledge of the competition, with the former WWE Tag Team Champion happy to keep himself to himself in WCW:

“I came here in a managing role, and I managed to stay out of the way. And let me let me say this; I have nothing against Eric Bischoff.

And he’s personally a very nice guy. I never asked him how he did it, but I still wonder how he did it. It’s like, how did you end up being the guy in charge of this? Because it’s like, until I went there I’d never heard of Eric Bischoff. I mean, he wasn’t a recognizable name in wrestling.

But the biggest angle in wrestling ended up being the war. You know, there’s all these guys that had been with Vince that have now jumped away from Vince and are now working for the competition. That was the biggest story in wrestling.”

H/T: 411Mania for the above transcription